"Nesrallah’s vocals [rises] through it all with a kind of relaxed regret, fierce feelings as voiced from a late night hotel lounge, where the light is low and drink allows a certain romance to creep into the fabric of things."

Jon Doyle /Various Small Flames UK

"And that’s just what [the EP] was: a comfort that insulated me from the cacophony; a sense memory returning at just the right time to create a moment of serenity in and amongst the garish spectacle of the carnival."


Jim Di Gioia / Dominionated

"Each three-minute parcel crafts a gentle world that invokes rain hitting windows, meadow grass jumping in the breeze, and quiet pondering on the nature of post-relationship standings."

Kaitlin Ruether / Grayowl Point

"The album is obviously heavy in romantic angst, but for all the lyrical gems, it’s the music that truly shines."


For the Rabbit


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